Her Second First Time by Victoria Voss

I was asked to review this book, but the following review it my honest opinion.
Ever wish you could have a “do-over” of your first time? Carla never thought it was possible…that is, until she met Morgan. Carla was always straight as an arrow; in fact she had quite the reputation for being “easy.” But under the surface, what secret was Carla keeping from everyone, including herself? The day she walked into the Blue Moon something changed…she was no longer able to deny what she has wanted to do all along. Just how far is Carla willing to take things with the irresistibly hot bartender…will this be her “second” first time?
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I was pretty excited when I was asked to review this book. It is my first lesbian erotica book that I have reviewed. Actually, it was the first on that I have read, and it definitely has me looking into the genre.

Because it is a shorter story it just jumped into the action which was a little jarring, but the author did her best to try and fill in the details. She definitely had a lot of details that she wanted to add in about the characters and at times it was a little distracting, I wish the book was a longer book so that we would have time to get to know those details about the characters without the author having to interject them in... it just made it seem a little rushed.

Now the sex scenes were great, I liked them a lot. I have never read lesbian erotica before and so I wasn't sure what to expect, but the scenes were very hot. I really liked Morgan and how mischievous she was, it just made everything about the sex seem so fun. Every girl should go find a Morgan. And I actually found it interesting that Morgan seemed to be the more dominant partner, it was refreshing.

I enjoyed the story a lot. I wish there was a little more plot and background because it would be interesting to see more of who the characters are, but over all it was a solid piece of erotica.

Four out of Five stars for hot scenes and for turning me on to the genre!

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