Velocirapture by Desdemona Devereaux

I was asked to review this book, but the following review is my honest opinion.
Dr. Lexxia LaBelle is not just one of the most brilliant scientists of her age, she is also an adept trained in the graceful art of harnessing the sexual pleasures of the flesh.
When the galaxy is threatened by an unknown energy field working to tear the very fabric of space apart, she vows to use all her training to stop it. She discovers Astra, a beautiful primitive whose sexual power is drawn from the center of the rift, a primal place in space and time whose raw energy offers mankind's best hope for saving the galaxy.
But to travel to that primordial plane means leaving her own flesh behind. She must capture the ancient hunger of the velociraptor in order to return with the power she needs.
Click to view on Amazon:Velocirapture: (Dinosaur Erotica) (The Salaxastrum Saga Book 1)
 Now this was an interesting read, and I actually found it a little difficult to review. So, I think in this case I am going to break down the book into two aspects: Plot and Sex. As far as the plot goes... it is not where the strength of this book lies. Lexxia must save the universe with sex, Which was an interesting concept but I was worried it would get cheesy really fast. That being said, while the plot left me wanting more, the shining point really was the creativity of the sex scenes.

I read a lot of romance novels and sometimes I find myself just skimming the sex scenes, either because they or boring or unoriginal. That was definitely not the case with this book. The sex scenes were very original. There is a little bit of everything, and also some gender bending and even some metaphysical sex. I kind of wish that there had been more of it, more of the unusual ideas, I know there is a second book, so maybe I will go and get it to see what else this author can think of.

So saying that about these two points. I would give the plot a 3 out of 5, but I don't want people to see that and think that it is a bad book, because it's not, it is an excellent book for it's specific genre, so for the sex I give it a 5 out of 5. So over all I guess that averages out to 4 out of 5. If you want to spice things up and get some reptilian surprises pick this book up.

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