Some Changes

         After by boyfriend read my blog he pointed something out to me and I decided to listen to him. I realized that in my reviews a give a ton of details about the book away that people might not want to hear until after they read the book. So I decided to split my posts up into two parts. Part 1: where I give you the synopsis and I give my over all (vague) impression of the book as well as a star rating.

         Then Part 2: This will be a section that is geared towards after you have read the book, because one of the main reasons I got involved in blogging about books was because I wanted get out what I thought about everything and I wanted to hear and see what other people thought about the same things. So the second parts is when I will go into more details that might be spoilers and I am going to change my description so that people know that there might be spoilers in this blog :)

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