Angel's Blood by Nalini Singh

         I have always had a thing for angels. They are such interesting creature... kinda like centaurs, but I like angels better. They wing! I think that is so amazing, I am scared of heights but if I had wings I would fly everywhere. It would be so amazing and wonderful. And I have always pictured angels and powerful, cruel, inhuman begins... which actually just made me (In my imagination) want to find one and tame it.

         Vampire hunter Elena Deveraux is hired by the dangerously beautiful Archangel Raphael. But this time, it’s not a wayward vamp she has to track. It’s an archangel gone bad.
         The job will put Elena in the midst of a killing spree like no other—and pull her to the razor’s edge of passion. Even if the hunt doesn’t destroy her, succumbing to Raphael’s seductive touch just may. For when archangels play, mortals break.
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          I don't know how well I can explain how much I like this book (I feel like I say that with every book). I really loved the idea of basically everything in this book.

         I love Elena, which is saying a lot because in books like this with a super strong heroine, I usually am a bit wary. I have nothing against strong female characters, I like them a lot, well I like the idea of them, but a lot of the time they are arrogant, and think they don't need any help from anyone. That drives me crazy. But that wasn't the case with Elena. She wasn't afraid to admit when she was out of her depth. She was willing to acknowledge that there was no way she could take Raphael on. She was brave, and strong, and she got her opinion out there without being annoying about it. I also loves the way she looked. Most of the time I kinda forget what the heroine (I mostly end up focused on the male lead) but Elena was so cool.

         Elena though has a lot of dark secrets buried in her past and that freaked me out. One of my biggest fear is serial killer (I know that it is totally irrational) but in this book a lot of the bad characters seem to be like serial killers. Elena and her family were the last victims of one of the best known vampire serial killers of their time and so when she is asked to help Raphael out and to look at the bodies she kinda starts falling into her worst memories.

         Raphael. Omg, so hot. But so scary. I have always had a thing for guys who are crazy powerful (not just magic powers, but powerful presence or strength works for me too) and Raphael has all those things. He is a bastard in the beginning and he really doesn't care too much about humans. But that is not really how he is. You can see how much he actually does care when he sees the victims of the crime and the longer he is around Elena the more he seems to care. That is what one of the other Archangels told him, that if he stays with Elena it will make him a little bit mortal. I really liked the idea of that. These angels have been alive so long that nothing seems new to them, nothing seems exciting or dangerous, and it would become easy to stop caring. But that is dangerous, because the people they rule over expect the angels to keep them safe, and all too often the humans and vampires get caught up in the pointless battles of the angels. But by becoming a little human, a little mortal, Raphael can see the cost of his every action, he can understand the pain that certain things would cause. Sure he can still be a cold hearted bastard, and he is at times, but even as he knows that that is a part of himself, so is this new human heart of his, and that makes him stronger and more dangerous than the other angels, because now he has compassion.

         I loved them together, I could have read about every aspect of their lives together forever and never have gotten bored. they were just so perfect for each other, they challenged each other and it was just so fun to read. And at the end ah! I was so scared that Raphael would lose her. I wanted to cry when she asked him for the secret of the angels. And when you see her lying in the bed at the end, AHHH it's just all so exciting!!

         I liked the idea of the toxin that creates the vampires and how the angels have to be careful to get it out of their blood stream. It seemed to me almost like a checks and balances system. Because humans are so fragile, and vampires have weaknesses too, but as far as anyone knew angels were pretty indestructable (which they pretty much are, their wings are fragile but they heal really fast) but this toxin is dangerous to the angels and if they let it build up it drives them crazy. I liked that.

         Ok, Bitchy Female time. Michaela... I don't give a fuck is she is an archangel, I hate her I want her gone and I want her and her over used girly parts to stay far away from Raphael. When she dusted him with her angel dust I was livid (yeah, I get pretty into books) ugh, how dare she. She is so horrible. And the fact that she wants Elena killed because Raphael wants her more... I mean how childish and petty can you be? And I hate those situations where the guy is forced to be around the bitchy rival. Because Raphael is required to see her on a regular basis and there is nothing He or Elena can do about it. And we all know that Michaela loves that. Hate her.

         And the angel dust thing. I think it is so beautiful. I love that Raphael made a special blend for her, and I love that he lost control of it the first time they had sex. It made me want to squeal. About the sex, I mean I liked it, but I wish it was a bit more detailed. I mean maybe I have read too many erotic novels, but idk, I wished there was more of it. That could have been because I loved all the interactions between Elena and Raphael.

         Now, supporting cast: ahh! I loved them and can't wait to read more about them and am so hoping that all of them get their own books. Dmitri has his own and Jason's is coming out in a couple of weeks. But Illium deserves to fall in love and have an adventure so badly. And Venom... I have read all the books in the series so far, and I still am not sure how I feel about Venom.

         But I love Love LOVED this book, and you should too.

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